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Indiana Equine Law

Indiana Equine Activity Statute http://asci.uvm.edu/equine/law/equine/in_equ.htm

Briggs v. Finley http://asci.uvm.edu/equine/law/cases/car/briggs.htm

Riding on Public Roads http://asci.uvm.edu/equine/law/roads/roads.htm

Offenses Relating to Animals www.in.gov/legislative/ic/code/title35/ar46/ch3.html

Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. www.animalprotectioncoalition.org/AnimalLaws.htm

Indiana General Assembly www.in.gov/legislative/ic/code/title33/


When the Rider is Hot, the Horse is Hotter - By Teresa Pitman
Economic Impact of the Horse Industry in Indiana
Study sponsored by: American Horse Council Foundation
The Indiana Horse industry produces goods and services valued at $779 million.
The national industry has a $1.3 billion impact on the Indiana economy when the multiplier affect of spending by industry suppliers and employees is taken into account. Accounting for off-site spending of spectators would result in an even higher figure.
90,000 Indianans are involved in the industry as horse owners, service providers, employees, and volunteers. Even more participate as spectators.
The Indiana horse industry directly provides 8,400 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs. Spending by suppliers and employees (in Indiana and other states) generates additional jobs in Indiana for a total employment impact of 22,500.
There are 203,000 horses in Indiana, over 80 percent of which are involved in showing and recreation.
Of the horses in Indiana 105, 695 are for recreational use.

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