Losing another Great ITRA Friend and Supporter,
The Trail Riding community has lost another great friend and trail advocate.

Our good friend Richard King passed away Jan. 16th after a very short battle with pancreatic cancer.
For those of you that were at Brown County during the fall cleanup and saw Richard down there out and about this was something that was very hard to believe. Richard had served as a board member and officer for the ITRA. He had helped us move the ITRA to the next level with our current corporate sponsor Kerlin Trailer Sales and Western Store in Warsaw and Silver Lake. Richard was always trying to sell the ITRA to trailriders as he was a great believer of what the ITRA does.
This past fall cleanup he had signed up a new member and brought him down to my cook shack to introduce him to me welcome him to the ITRA. An ironic part to this is the new member Terry had lost his wife to cancer not long before that.

You could find Richard around during any of the ITRA workdays and rides displaying trailers for Kerlins but always selling ITRA. He was always willing to help or answer questions about trailers no matter what kind of trailer you wanted to talk about. One Thanksgiving I know he worked 2 whole days helping people with froze up water in trailers and did it all for nothing more than a Thank You!

Richard had worked with us on getting the ITRA our new country store trailer and getting it equipped with shelves storage for us using Kerlins craftsmen to make it very useable and packing friendly. After leaving the board, not because of not wanting to serve anymore, but saying he would always be around to help because of being with Kerlins he wanted to give his spot to someone else to get more involved and us have more help. With us setting up the new Midwest Equine Trails Foundation we had asked and Richard had accepted a position on the board of directors for the foundation. He was looking forward to us getting it up and running which has now happened.

Connie has requested all memorials for Richard are to go to the new foundation so Richard is still giving to the horsetrails even after passing. His legacy will live on with these gifts to the foundation. Richard could make friends wherever he went and never took long in knowing everybody around. I know Richard and Roger have met up and are talking big trailers and Ford 550"s and big rides.

Ride those big rides my friend!!